NorCal CGE Training Road Map

Q 1.

Winter Training (Time Frame: Early December-February) 

CGE Baseball starts the year with its annual winter training. During this time period players physical and mental skills are tested. The primary focus of our winter training is all about strength and agility. Not only do we educate our players on injury prevention but adapt life long fitness plans that can be used in baseball or other sports. 

Q 2.

Spring Season/Training (Time Frame: March-May) 

There are two programs that we offer in the spring time. The first program that we offer is our spring training. This is meant for players who want to continue to train at the high level but want to continue playing little league. This consist of practice 1-2 times a week depending on the age group. 

Program number two includes practicing 3 days a week and playing in 2-3 tournaments  a month depending on the age group. Some teams may be combined and will be dictated based on the roster size that we have for each age group. This requires 100% COMMITMENT. 


Summer Season/Summer Camps (June-July) 

During the summer we offer summer camps, clinics and tournament teams. The summer we plan on taking selected teams to Cooperstown, San Diego and Pismo Beach tournaments. Summer camps are offered for a total of 4 weeks starting mid July. 


Fall Season/Summer Camps (Aug. -November) 

This is CGE Baseball main playing season. During this time we focus all of our attention on our teams. Each team practices 2-3 times a week and attend 5-8 tournaments. We play local for the most part but like to attend a Vegas and Reno tournament at the end of the season.