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CGE Mission Statement

At Can’t Get Enough Baseball (CGE) our goal is to give your child the training they need to continually improve and enjoy the game of baseball. We want to set them up for future success whether that be high school, getting a scholarship to college, or to support their dreams of going pro. While most programs discontinue at 12U or begin at 13U, our program will give your child a home where both the player and families involved feel valued. It's important for young players to establish a foundation early on in their career so that they are able to grow consistently. We build character and integrity that allows our players to know that through hard work and dedication, their future and short term goals are possible.


At CGE Baseball we take pride in coaching children of all different skill levels. Apart from player development we teach our players about respect that can be carried out through their life. We aim towards setting the bar high for our players and pushing them to their limits. CGE strives in making a difference in the baseball community by training players to become better people on and off the field. We believe that with the right training, anything is possible. 


We are looking for players who value the same objectives such as working on the field and in the classroom. CGE will work closely with families making sure that their goals in school are the same as the ones on the field.

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