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Player Development 

CGE focuses on developing players by teaching them the proper techniques and fundamentals. Baseball is all about quality repetition that you take and not about the quantity that you do them at. The more that a player engages in proper techniques the more successful a player can be. The best athletes are the athletes that are the best at the basics. In order to be successful you must train efficiently and productively. CGE is trained to help develop players to become responsible and aware of their own development. Teaching the youth at an early age to have responsibly for their success is great skill to have . It is never to late for your Child to grow. Not all players grow at the same time but with the proper training the sky is the limit. Our coaches are driven by making a difference in the baseball community. CGE strives from the feedback that we receive and is very transparent. By joining CGE you will learn the proper fielding, throwing and batting  mechanics. We are not here to redeveloped baseball but instead here to help educate players about the game of baseball. We focus on our summer camps, Fall program and winter workouts and make little league a priority.Your feedback is very important to us and we are open to all ideas. 

Road Maps and Priceing 


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Gear Requirements 

Major Tournaments 

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