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Lane Rental Cost 

1 Lane with Pitching Machine


$40 1/2 hr

**Add On**
$20 Hittrax 1hr
Whole Facility (Team Rentals) 


CGE Baseball Batting Facility Features 
  • 3 Hitting Lanes

  • 2 Jr Baseball Hack attack Pitching machines (Speeds 10 mph -100 mph)

  • Hit-trax 

  • Outdoor Open Space

  • Pitching mounds

  • And more...


1 HOUR.                      $90/HR
5 PACK 1 HOUR.          $400
10 PACK 1 HOUR.         $700

Why Lessons? If your child is struggling or wants to improve on a particular skill this is a great way to help isolate and breakdown mechanics

How to book Space:

To secure desired day and time we recommend that you call us in advance (24 hr in advance)

To book please contact 415-933-7609 or email

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